Dark Souls 2 contest let fans design in-game shields

Namco Bandai and From Software have launched a Dark Souls 2 contest where players must submit their best in-game shield designs to win.

Interested parties can take part by visiting the Dark Souls 2 Facebook page and download the Shield Design Contest app.They can create up to three shield design templates and vote for previously-submitted emblems.

Players can submit their designs now, with the deadline for submissions being May 13. Community voting will begin from May 14 to May 20. On May 20, the winning entries will be judged in the final round by From Software. The winners will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The six winners selected by the developer will get a copy of the game signed by the development team, their shield design put in the game, and a creator's credit. The three winners selected by community votes will get a signed copy of the game

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